Born a bastard – Slept with his brother’s wives – Converted flesh into fetuses – Approved of a woman having five husbands – Gave tele-vision to Sanjay!


In this post, I am going to simply discuss the entire known life of the author of Mahabharat: Ved Vyas. This marvelous epic is filled with all sorts of weirdos. And Ved Vyas is also one such character in the tale. Beginning from his birth, speaking in brash terms, he was a bastard born to Satyawati and Sage Parashar. The tale of his birth is a very interesting trade off between his mother and father. Continue reading Born a bastard – Slept with his brother’s wives – Converted flesh into fetuses – Approved of a woman having five husbands – Gave tele-vision to Sanjay!


Angry Indian Gods: Lord Krishna

This is a new series of articles that I wish to write about the times when Indian Gods lost their temper. While it is fairly easy to note such circumstances for calm and composed gods such as Ram and Krishna, but it is extremely difficult to narrow down to a few circumstances for angry Gods such as Indra, Shiv and Parshuram. I shall try my best to bring forth some of the interesting and riveting stories from our mythology where Gods lost temper. Continue reading Angry Indian Gods: Lord Krishna

Kunti: The Manipulative Vixen

This is the second part of the character analysis of Mahabharat’s one of the most important character Kunti. In the earlier article I discussed how Kunti was a complete weakling who chose to run away from difficult situations or depend on others to help her through them. Here I shall discuss its converse. I know that I shall be contradicting myself, but I aim to present in front of you two sides of the coin, two perspectives and viewpoints to look at the same persona. Continue reading Kunti: The Manipulative Vixen

Yuganta: End of an epoch- Book Review!

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This book is basically a compilation of essays on different characters of Mahabharat by Irawati Karve, who I gather is a teacher and an academician. She wrote these essays based on her interpretations of the characters. What struck me when I read these essays is a thinking which is assertively feminist and has a clear cut notion of ideal feminism. The author also has a rigid view point of how women in the society should be looked at, regarded and also about what is right for them. Continue reading Yuganta: End of an epoch- Book Review!

15 Characters From Mahabharat That You Can Easily Find Around You

  1. Draupadi: The Beauty Queen Desired By Many. In Mahabharat, Draupadi not only has five husbands who all want her equally, but she is also desired by Keechak and Jayadrath and Karna.
  2. Gandhari: The Ever Sacrificing Lover. We all have that one girl friend who is ready to sacrifice everything for her true love or her boyfriend, no matter how stupid or senseless her decisions might be.
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  3. Kunti: The Eternal Crybaby. This is one person who is constantly depressed and is crying over life’s situations.kunti crybaby
  4. Bhishma: The Forever Presence. There is always someone around us who just never retires, no matter what. This person has been sticking around in your office or college or school since eternity and has no plans to stop working.Bheeshm
  5. Karna: The Tragedy King. This guy has a really good heart and has absolutely no real evil intentions, but bad things ALWAYS happen to him, for absolutely no fault of his. Poor guy!Karna
  6. Duryodhana: The Evil Doer. Remember the bully in school? Doesn’t Duryodhana embody the bully in every school? Going against weak and poor boys for apparently no reason at all!Duryodhan
  7. Dusshasan: The Blind Follower. This guy is the one accompanying the bully everywhere, without questioning him at any point. He is very important for the bully guy to maintain his image as the bad boy!
    Dusshasan gifff
  8. Shakuni: The Wicked Man. This person around you surprises you with evil plans you could not even think of. Be it cheating in exams or taking leaves from office- this person thinks four steps ahead of you at getting what you want by trickery.
  9. Yushishthir: The Good Guy. He/she is the good boy/girl of the class, who never lies, not even to his/her parents. He/she is inadvertently a loner as no one tells him/her about their plans.
  10. Bheem: The Loud Mouth Boaster. We all have one person around us who is fat, loves to eat a lot and boast a lot. That’s probably Bheem reborn in this age!
  11. Nakul: Beauty King. He is the ultimate metro-sexual man. Extremely sensitive about his good looks and grooming!
  12. Sahadev: I Know It All. This person is the one who has all the answers and is extremely proud of it! The Indian and male version of Hermoine Granger!
  13. Vidur: The Helpful Adviser. This person around you gives you really true and meaningful advice at every point in life. This can be your friend or mentor or your parent, if you are lucky!Vidur
  14. Arjun: The All-Rounder. This guy is the athletic guy and a real all-rounder, charming girls around him and all.
  15. Krishna: Whom You Are Devoted To. If you are a believer, then you don’t need to look anywhere, you know.
    Krishna gif

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What Shishupal Vadh Teaches Us

Krishna and shishupal
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The first most elaborate and complicated epic of Hindu mythology, the Mahabharat is full of lessons which can be learnt by all. This epic is full of characters that bring their own doom upon themselves through their actions. The story of Shishupal is also one such story in the many sub stories of Mahabharat which teaches us a lesson of self control, respect and parental duties. Continue reading What Shishupal Vadh Teaches Us

Was it Bheeshma who was responsible for the war of Mahabharat?

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The ultimate patriarch of Kuru dynasty, son of Ganga and Shantanu, a student of Parshurama, Devvrat, was the first one whose actions can be called responsible for the bloody aftermath on Kurukshetra. While there were many more reasons or the war but it all boils down to the terrible oath taken by Devvrat for his father. Continue reading Was it Bheeshma who was responsible for the war of Mahabharat?